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Kate has completed 500+ hours of teacher training. Her home studio of study is Laughing River Yoga in Burlington, Vermont. She is grateful for her main teacher, Emily Garrett, who has nurtured and challenged her to discover the yogi within, rooted in Self-Love. Kate is grateful for additional influential teachers including Sofi DillofJill SatterfieldLauren GodesNevine MichaanRolf Gates, and Simon Park

Kate is trained in Hatha yoga. Her spin on the practices are influenced by the following three styles of yoga:

Kripalu- a compassionate and heart centered practice with emphasis on mindful breathing and movement.

Yin- a cool, quiet practice that supports the health of joints and involves a great deal of working with the mind.

Katonah- an invigorating practice that works with Taoist theory, repetition, plays with polarities, and invokes the imagination all in order to support optimal function of body and mind.