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A student of yoga since 2005, Kate's very first yoga class immediately drew her to the power of this practice to go deeply inward. The desire to feel light, bright, and free are what brought her back to the mat again and again in her earliest years of practice. Over a decade later, Kate still recognizes the desire for feelings of comfort in body, mind, and sprit and she has cultivated skills to allow herself to be with the sad, scared, heavy and dark. 

Curiously open to the depth of the ancient techniques of yoga, with support of teachers and mentors, Kate has lived into a disciplined daily practice. It's the cornerstone of her well-being. Time, self-study, intimate healing work, and practice in community continue to inform her practice. Because yoga is beyond what we do on the mat, Kate has grown to believe yoga can infiltrate everything we do. 

It is Kate's mission to share the power of yoga not as an escape from reality, but rather as an intentional way we can be present with ourselves and one another each day, fostering connection. This profound connection has its roots in the word Yoga. It's the settling of the busy mind in order to yoke or bring together the mind and body. This connection nurtures harmony in ourselves, our homes, our communities, and our world. It is skillful living. Kate is honored, passionate, and committed to her role first as a life-long student of yoga and second as a teacher for anybody interested in pursuing the practices.   

Teaching since 2012 Kate encourages students to become intimate observers of one's own body. Her classes layer yogic philosophy and specific techniques that both empower and invite students to live yoga beyond their mats in their daily lives. Additionally, her classes integrate experience studying Kripalu, Yin, and Katonah. Kate believes the benefits of yoga are infinite and that the world need more yoga. She looks forward to meeting you wherever you are on the path.

Kate is a mom to one young son. She is married to her love that she met in 2007 while they were both doing a year of service with Americorps in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. She finds the push to evolve in the constant learning curve of being in intimate relationships with these two boys at their family home in Vermont. 

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